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Jun Long Interior Decoration, a professional home decoration and interior designer Joe Lee leads the Hong Kong interior design team, formerly known as JunLong Interior Design Engineering ( Hong Kong ) Company . Jun Long interior decoration for residential and office space and other commercial interior design focus has always been people -oriented , rather than focus only on the beautiful space just gorgeous . Whether simply home design / interior design / decoration office design or will contain , communication design and concept analysis conditions , communicate design concepts of the initial idea , space planning , color suggestions and other building materials , able to use our expertise to consistent with the scientific and humane method to achieve the configuration preferences and needs of the guests ,Taking into account the design sense and practicality, proper planning and use storage space . In addition, the more the different needs of every guest needs and the use of open and intimate space of time for considering the suitability of building materials and life, taking into account the cost of the spread and the best construction method to improve the quality of construction , so guests with the most reasonable cost to complete the best satisfaction.

Interior Design Director : Joe Lee
Joe Lee , the interior design director has accumulated more than ten years of interior design and home decoration design engineering experience, constantly in technology, expertise and artistic style on breakthrough innovation , so that each piece is expected to reach perfection to win the trust and admiration of the guests . His work is often reported by the media and was affirmed with Chatter is underage Chatter is recommended in many professional interior design magazines . General interior design basis is usually based on user demand for space and the use of function , however, both to meet the needs of the guests , but the overall visual presentation and style , he more carefully arranged in space and in color, texture creative with the overall style of ...... etc. , so that the entire interior and exterior space presents a consistent texture and visual extension, covered the simple neat wooden , cloth decorated with ornate carving , solemn plastic flow lines , noble leisurely glass wind can Continental , can modern , can the East , can wind , Joe Lee , director of the interior design can be crafted in a warm and distinguished atmosphere of elegant space . In addition , both the fluid dynamic design of the space , or enhance the usefulness of the storage design, interior design director Joe Lee Jieneng depth , the level and focus of visual space cleverly , so that your company can show its own brand advantage, cause even more powerful ; make your home can become full of hope and dreams for the future comfort zone.

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